Naughty College Boy With An Escort

Most grownups laugh at the things they did when they were still in college. It is normal to be adventurous when you still can. John, a naughty college boy, decided to take this adventure to the next level when. He has always wanted to have sex with an older woman and his dream was about to come true.

One weekend his parents decided to go on holiday and wanted to tag him along. However, he declined the offer and lied that he had school work he needed to finish. All he wanted was to have the whole weekend to himself so that he could execute his master plan. He had gone through several escort agencies and had selected one female escort from London escorts, who looked older than him but had the sexiest curves he had ever touched.

The weekend started a bit early since his parents traveled that Friday evening. He set up a date with the escort that evening and she was at the doorstep on time. He ushered her into his bedroom and he had everything set for the night. She sat on the couch while he sat on his bed.

He started to examine the legs that here carelessly spread in a precarious position that allowed him to peep into the space between her thighs. Surprisingly, she did not have any underwear. He saw something he thought was her pussy.

His dick was now fully grown, and pulsating in his pants. John moved carefully around the bed, to get the better angle, and closer view of it, and It was exactly what he thought it was, but only prettier.

His dick was now suffocating in my pants. He had to be released. She noticed and walked up to him. They kissed and he felt so good and he became harder. She unzipped his pants, and began to suck his dick. She took off her panties, and they began to fuck.

He stuck his dick in her wet vagina, and soon after, he felt a nut coming. He immediately withdrew, and inserted it in her ass, and ejaculated like a madman inside her butt. The fucking was the best sex he had ever had. It was absolutely, unbelievably, amazing. They fucked for 3 hours. After they finished, John looked into her eyes, she looked into his, and they kissed one more time and she told him it would be a pleasure to do it once again the following day. So, it was a date.

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